Another Cincinnati is possible (and necessary!)

Welcome! The mission of our new blog is to help progressives in Cincinnati create a new vision for our city’s future. We can use this tool to post information about different issues affecting our community and to keep each other informed about upcoming events. The advantage of using blogs instead of email lists for some of our discussions is that people can focus on the issues that they care about most without having their emails accounts overloaded with discussions they aren’t as interested in.

I will be posting separate blog post for each of the topics that were brought up at our initial meeting. You all can add information about each of these topics or you can post your own articles as well. Anyone can post comments at this blog. I will send you all an invitation and you can accept the invitation if you would like the ability to post your own articles. At that point I will approve you as an administrator and you will have the ability to post your own articles and edit them at any point.

You can forward the URL to any progressives and anybody can comment on these articles. Once you have a writing account you can easily create as many new blogs as you like. These blogs have the ability to moderate comments etc. If you would like to add someone else to our list please just have them send me their email address.


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